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Advent in Ayton

The Posada


This Advent we remember again the journey that Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. In previous years we have had taken models of Mary and Joseph into our houses. This year, like many other things, it has to be virtual. But virtual does not need to mean less fun!

Mary and Joseph are travelling from Nazareth to Bethlehem where the Christ child will be born. On their long and arduous journey they are stopping off with different families who are helping them on their way

On Sunday, 29th November they stopped with the first family who watched the Star movie, said a prayer and dropped a piece of beach glass into a bowl for each of the people in the nativity story. And they made mince pies. Today Mary and Joseph have moved on to spend time with another family.

On 1st December they stopped with the second family. After another long walk, Joseph and Mary were pleased to find a candle lit to welcome them for their overnight stay. Today Mary and Joseph have moved on to spend time with the children of Marwood School.





Advent Windows


























The Advent Windows started off with Angels and a Star guiding the way.

In Saint Luke's Gospel it is angels who guide the Jewish Shepherds to Bethlehem to Jesus born in the stable.

In Saint Matthew's Gospel it is a star that guides the non-Jewish wise men bearing their gifts of gold, frankincese and myrh. Traditionally it is believed they came from Persia and were probably Zoroastrians.

That is why we either place an Angel or a Star on top of our Christmas Tree.






In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee names  Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David. And the virgin's name was Mary" Luke 1: 26 Captured beautifully at 5a Station Road. Well done! 










December 3rd picks up the theme of Jesus, the Light of the World. The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1: 5. That's why candles are used so much in Churches to represent Jesus the Light of the World. Many thanks to Angela and Geoff at 132 Roseberry Crescent.







A walk along Mill Terrace will reveal the latest Advent Window. Angels proclaiming Joy to the World with Santa getting ready to distribute gifts in honour of the event. 









Take a walk along the front of Richardson Hall on High Green to see window No. 5 at Number 1. Angels and a star continue to guide our way. While you are there turn around to see the decorated trees on High Green adding to the Christmas feel. Well done all.















Today's Advent window celebrates Saint Nicholas, the 4th Century Bishop of Myra in what is Turkey today. The legend says he gave a dowry to three daughters of a poor man to help them marry and thus avoid a life of poverty. He dropped the money into their shoes. His name is given to Santa Claus and on this day in some European countries people give gifts in his memory - particularly in Holland.







The Advent window at 10 Linden Avenue (on the side of house) shows creative hands at work making a stained glass window featuring candles for the Light of the World. Well done. Advent is a time when usually lots of services take place in Churches. This year we are out with you.















Here is No 8 and thanks to Bridget for photo as mine was far too dark. Lovely to see the previous windows as you walk around the village. Two weeks to go.















It's the reason for the Season with the Nativity scene making an appearance tonight in Window 9. An appropriate time as this week would have seen the school nativities taking place as the children retell this timeless story. Jesus in the manger says God loves us all - a message enhanced by the rainbow colours. Well done.









Today's window for 10th December at Marwood School on Low Green heralds the Three Wise Men/ Kings starting out on their journey bearing their gifts.

Back to High Green tomorrow at No 17 for our next window. Hope you are enjoying them all as much as I am.















The Advent windows are certainly adding to my early morning walk. Today’s window has appeared on High Green and is full of meaning - Christ the Light of the world, a hope for peace as we join hands together, the animals of the Christmas story reminding us of the rest of Creation, and the joy of the carols we sing. Wonder whose euphonium it is?














Mary and Joseph still en-route to Bethlehem, stopping at 54 Roseberry Crescent. Only half way there.
















The journey to Bethlehem continues as M & J reach Pilot’s cottage and rest for the night as the weather is awful. Our journey through Advent continues too, and the next window is at 6 Roseberry Crescent.








"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" A lovely peaceful winter's scene for 14th December. May we all have a peaceful Christmas this year. Not too sure of a white one though - it will be an age thing.

For tomorrow's window go to 2a Park Square just round the corner from Thompsons.






See amid the winter's snow, Born for us on earth below. There's nothing more magical than Roseberry covered in snow to remind you of this time of year, but perhaps these are the shepherds on the hills outside Bethlehem keeping watch over their flocks?. Several years ago now it snowed while we were singing Carols on High Green.

Tomorrow we go to 12 Yarm Lane.













At 12 Yarm Lane the cast of the Nativity shine out of a bright window reminding us of the reason for the season. I could be wrong but is that blue angel made out of a Facemask? Perhaps a reminder of all the other angels working to help us in our hospitals at this time. Tomorrow we go to 2 Angrove Drive

















A lovely winter scene at 2 Angrove Drive and it looks like Santa is on his way. Tomorrow’s window at 2 Roseberry Drive. Well done to all who have taken part and have created such interest.







Today's Advent window at 2 Roseberry Drive reminds us of the visit of the Magi - or Wise men, who followed a star to find Jesus. Tradition has it they were from Persia and were probably Zoroastrians - but definitely not Jews. They show the message of God's love is for all people.

Tomorrow we visit The Poorhouse in the High Street - a fitting name for an Advent window.





The Nativity scene in The Poorhouse seems rather fitting somehow, for the stable was the first poor house. Tomorrow we go to 14 Easby Lane. Not long to go now.








14 Easby Lane has combined the manger scene with a great tribute to the NHS. We clapped them in the first lockdown but may be overlooking them now, just as the people of Bethlehem overlooked the wonder in their midst. thank you NHS workers still doing a fantastic job for us all.

Tomorrow we are at 48 Guisborough Road.

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