Coronavirus Update

Update 23rd March 2020 

Guidance has now come through for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. I will summeraise briefly.

Baptisms/Christenings and Weddings  are cancelled for the period of National Lockdown and until the Government advise it is safe to continue. We don't know yet when "safe" will be.

Funerals - are still going ahead at the moment,but with restrictions. Teesside Crematorium are now only allowing 8 close family members to attend.

We can re book Baptisms and Weddings, and we can also do Services of Thanksgiving for the Departed when it is safe to do so.

Sunday Services are cancelled until further notice.

Contacting People We are trying to contact as many vulnerable people we can think of to offer support, a friendly word, or to pick up any presritions or vital shopping (if the shops have anything). We will man the Church Office telephone daily 2pm - 4pm but cannot take personal callers on the premises. You can call 01642 722665 or email the office (GAPO is Great Ayton Parish Office and 1876 was when Christ Church was built - just if you wondered.) We will need fit and younger volunteers to help with this, but only those who have taken social distances seriously, otherwise you may be delivering more than the shopping! Please contact 01642 722451, or send to me and I will forward. My details are on the Home Page.
Spire  I will be doing Spire for next week. Anyone can sign up for this on this Website under Spire - the Church Mag

Keep Safe





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