Holy Baptism

Vicar baptising babyWhether it be for a recently born child or an adult come to faith, we would be delighted to arrange a service of Holy Baptism for you, often called a Christening.

Services at Christ Church usually take place on Sunday mornings at 11.15am (St Oswald’s, Newton by arrangement) and we try to ensure a meaningful and enjoyable service for all. Sometimes, if the number of guests is small, we may put two families together, but we work on the principle that we want to enjoy the service as much as you.

Singers at Baptism at All Saints ChurchWe try and include the Godparents or family members in the service by inviting them to to a reading or a short prayer. It's nothing to be frightened of, and  you can see the Baptism Prayers here. At a recent Baptism in All Saints Church we even had a four strong family group sing for us unaccompanied. It was delightful - but not obligatory!

Godparent in Hong Kong joins in live via SkypeSometimes it is not always possible to gather everyone together for a baptism service as people live all across the world. In Christ Church we have an internet link and recently brought a Godfather living in Hong Kong live into our baptism service. He signed (virtually) his Goddaughter with the cross and read one of the prayers for us. If you have Godparents or family living away who also have internet access, this could work for you too, but it is only one to one at the moment.

We try and make a Christeng service meaningful for all present, and especially the young who may find coming into Church a strange experience. Here is Jessica, the Vicar's "daughter" explaining what being Christened is all about to baby Jake.


Look at Baptism/Christening Service for the full service


 If you have a new child and wish to formally give thanks for him or her, and you feel that the service of Baptism may not be for you, we can also do a Service of Thanksgiving. If you would like to see what it is like, please check it out here. Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a child

 If you are interested, please get in touch. There is always a member of staff available in person to talk to on Friday evenings from 6pm – 7pm in Christ Church vestry.

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